Professional Packing Machine for nitrile Glove

Customer’s Requirement:

Box style: glue box with dotted line

10 boxes per case, layout like the below picture 5*2 layer

Capacity:50000~60000 boxes per day 24 hrs

Our machine can reach the speed, but it’s better to ensure the glove wrapped in the bag is tight like in the picture below, or it is not easy for the machine to push it into the box. You can add a shrink wrap machine to wrap the gloves first then into a box and case.

Our Solution



Cartoning machine process

Case loading process

Feature description:

1. Put the box into the box rack, the equipment automatically sucks the box, sprays glue to form the folding ears, and transports it to the boxing mechanism.

2. Manually put the screws into the hopper, lift them to the automatic weighing machine through the vibrating belt, weigh them according to the set weight, load them into the hopper, and pack them into boxes.

3. After the cartoning is completed, enter the folding and carton sealing machine for folding, glue spraying, box gluing, steering, glue spraying, box gluing, and finished product output.

4. The cartons are transported to the sorting and cartoning mechanism for automatic sorting, unpacking, packing and sealing (one-word sealing).

5. Using servo/stepper motor, touch screen and PLC programmable control system, the human-machine interface display is clearer and easier to operate, has a high degree of automation and is more humane.

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