Rollstock|Modified Atomosphere Packing Machine

Thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging mainly uses the principle of gas replacement to replace the original gas in the packaging to achieve the purpose of food preservation. The use of modified atmosphere packaging for food can not only preserve freshness but also the attractive appearance of rigid tray packaging can attract consumers’ attention. At the same time, the sealing is firm and easy to tear, providing consumers with a delicious taste and a comfortable packaging experience.

Rollstock Modified Atmosphere Packing Machine


The product is suitable for medium and large quantities of packaging. A fully automatic hard box vacuum air-conditioned packaging machine is equipped with a high-efficiency and energy-saving Japanese Mitsubishi drive system, the whole machine is stainless steel and aluminum alloy structure, and the mold can be replaced. It can be customized according to customer needs.

It is suitable for food packaging such as dried and fresh meat, cooked food, seafood, fruits and vegetables, cakes, etc. The mixed gas is filled in the tray so that the packaged food can keep the original taste, color, shape, nutrition, and preservation period of the food for a long time. , from the automatic forming tray – manual feeding – automatic packaging – automatic cutting – automatic output. Packaging output is also particularly fast and efficient. A fully automatic hard box vacuum air-conditioned packaging machine is multi-purpose, and 1 can be vacuum body-packed. 2. Inflatable (single gas) packaging. 3. Modified atmosphere packaging and other forms of packaging can be produced, and various supporting devices can be configured according to needs (such as robot feeding-decomposition conveyor belt-foreign object detection-weighing-labeling, etc.) to expand the automated production line. It saves human resources, is fast and convenient, and can meet the needs of high-capacity production and packaging.

Rollstock Modified Atomosphere Packing Machine

 Machine Parameter

Model WEZ-320MP WEZ-420MP WEZ-520MP
Up film width 295mm 395mm 495mm
Down film width 322mm 422mm 522mm
Container depth ≤100mm ≤120mm ≤150mm
Voltage 13~18KW 13~18KW 13~18KW
Power customize 380V(220V)50/60H,3ph 380V(220V)50/60H,3ph 380V(220V)50/60H,3ph
Packing speed 4~5 circle/min 4~6 circle/min 5~8 circle/min
Overall size 5380*965*1880mm 6150*1080*1880mm 6200*1180*1880mm
Net weight 1820kg 2200Kg 2400Kg
Container shape Fully Automatic Rollstock /Thermoforming Skin Packing Machine
Forming method thermoforming packing
Package type MAP Modified Atmosphere Packing Machine
Easy open aid Easy tear corner
Printer Option
Filling system Option
Vacuum pump BUSCH
Electric elements SCHNEIDER
Pneumatic elements SMC AirTAC
Touch screen SIEMENS

Machine Details



Machine Feature

1 Alloy frame.

Completely abandoning the iron channel steel frame structure, this machine adopts a cold-drawn aluminum-magnesium alloy frame body and stainless steel channel steel connection support surface covered with 304 stainless steel door, corrosion resistance, good straightness, high structural strength, not easy to deform. It ensures the transmission accuracy of the packaging film and other characteristics and is suitable for use in various environments.


Adopts Japan’s Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller and Mitsubishi control module, and the American Banner color sensor adopts the Mitsubishi servo control system. Can meet your high requirements, high performance, and high precision.


Adopt German BUSCH 200m3/h, high vacuum pump, the flow rate from 100-300m2/Hz, ultimate vacuum to 0.5m bar, high vacuum, durable and reliable.


The specially designed upper film tensioning mechanism adopts the American Banner sensor and cooperates with Japan’s Mitsubishi PLC control system. It can ensure stable operation under high working intensity.


With the specially designed lower film integral brake mechanism, the lower film is fixed by an air expansion shaft, which ensures the smooth feeding of the lower film and makes the upper film and the lower film align accurately

6 Forming Die System

The use of replaceable molds is easy to replace, and one machine is multi-purpose to meet the needs of different products. The mold spare has a cooling system, which is more stable and durable. The mold is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy material, finely carved and surface oxidized, and the packaging shape, thickness, pattern, shape and size, LOGO, etc. can be customized arbitrarily, which is very personalized.

7 Advanced vacuum and heat sealing system

The vacuum and heat sealing studio is designed with an independent lifting system, which can ensure no deformation or displacement under the sealing pressure of up to 3 tons, ensuring long-term use, no maintenance, and durability.

8 Integral die system with reliable performance

The special cutting system can be used to cut different materials. The commonly used punching system for hard films ensures smooth, smooth, and burr-free punching. The soft film is commonly used with slitting and cross-cutting knife cutting systems to ensure high-speed, smooth and beautiful cutting.

9 Smart waste collection system

Adopt dual-machine design, independent waste recycling system, stable recycling, convenient disassembly, and assembly, and maintain environmental hygiene.


The nozzle is installed on the conveying guide rail through the coding mechanism, and the coding mechanism is used for lateral movement and vertical movement to accurately spray (production date, etc.) on the packaging. Automatic coding greatly improves production efficiency, reduces labor intensity and production cost, avoids the influence of human factors, and the coding position is accurate, ensuring the quality of coding.


The equipment is equipped with an emergency stop switch, which can be pressed to terminate all ongoing work in case of abnormal conditions to ensure personal safety.


The material of the equipment body is made of 1.5MM 304 stainless steel, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, strong durability and so on. To ensure stable and long-lasting operation of the machine in various working environments. The surface of the casing adopts a curved design, which is especially suitable for the operator’s waistline comfort and security. We have humanized design for every detail.

13 Forming tray

The thermoforming stretch film packaging machine uses the air pressure on both sides of the film after the preheating of the lower film to push the film down to cover the mold to form a unique tray shape to complete the packaging and forming process. It can be in one mold, one time/out two, three, four, six, eight, etc., depending on the packaging size, the process is fast, uniform, the effect is beautiful, and it is hygienic and safe.

14 Optional Modified Atmosphere Mixer

It is suitable for the packaging of fresh meat, cooked meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, cakes and other foods, which well maintains the original taste, color, shape, nutrition and fresh-keeping period of the food. One of three kinds of fresh-keeping gases such as (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen) and other gases are mixed and filled into the packaged items to meet the different needs of users and achieve the effect of fresh-keeping


Taiwan Stainless Steel Famous Brand High-Quality Laminate Chain

Good rigidity, corrosion resistance, high precision, and long service life.


The use of French Schneider Electric components has a longer service life and greater adaptability. Effectively prevent equipment failures and affect production


The bearing is a German FALA brand. it has low friction, flexible operation, strong rigidity, and large bearing capacity.


American Banner color sensor, photoelectric detection method has the advantages of high precision, fast response, non-contact and so on.


Bottom mounted and industrial shockproof, Non-slip adjustable feet.


The film adopts a Mitsubishi servo control system, etc., which can meet your high requirements, high performance and high precision.


In order to use safety, each of our machines has installed a leakage protection system to protect the safety of effective operators.


The heating plate adopts an advanced integral casting heating plate to make the temperature rise of each part of the heating plate uniform and the service life is long. Completely solve the uneven temperature rise of the old-fashioned multi-heating tube inlaid heating plate


We install filters independently for each piece of equipment to effectively protect the service life of the vacuum pump..

25 For the Package Material

Up film: Sealable PE Film, with or without print

Down film:

26 Options

The thermoforming stretch film packaging machine can automatically stretch, seal, slit and output packaging from rolled film sheets. At the same time, various third-party auxiliary equipment can be selected, such as manipulator, automatic filling equipment, weighing head, conveyor belt, inkjet printer, labeling machine, ultraviolet sterilization, metal detection, and other supporting equipment, which can save a lot of manpower resource.

Coding system, liquid canning system, automatic feeding system, T-400 4 punch fillet system, coding system, automatic feeding and electronic feeding system, Robot feeding system.

27 Tips

Air compressors need

Need 3 Phase voltage

Installation Service

1. We provide videos and an instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2. We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service

1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.


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