This is Screws linear weighing machine for small plastic bags. This customer required the machine small as his factory does not have enough space.

Product: screws, bolt, but

Weight: 100~500g/bag

Speed:10~30 bag/min

Feeder: elevator with enough storage bucket constantly lifting the nails from the storage bucket to the multihead weighing machine the height is about 2.2M.

Weighing: Adopt a four-head linear weigher with a volume is 2.5L/per head, there are rough weighing and finished weighing processes that combine to reach the target weight.

Packing: automatically bag forming, filling, sealing the bag, and cutting.

Printing: there is a touch screen for editing the information like the company logo photo or the product information content.

For details pls see the below video and picture


Machine details

Four-head linear weighing machine

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