Working process: manual giving the bag to the outlet-automatic bag clamped-automatic feeding-automatic weighing-automatic discharge into the jumbo bag-automatic bag release-finished bag conveying out of the packing machine by the jumbo bag conveyor-remove by the forklift.


1-ton weighing machine

-Gravity feeding mechanism(weigher)

Packing speed: 15-30 bags/hour

(depends on your materials character and your worker placing bag efficiency, if placing bag quickly, the speed will faster)
Weighing: 1000kg /bag
Precision: ±(0.2)%

(depends on the characteristics of your material)

Material: product contact parts 304 stainless steel, other non-contact parts with high-quality Q235 carbon steel and anti-rust painting

-Voltage: AC220V/AC380V/50HZ 

-Air source request: 0.6-0.8Mpa

-Air consumption: 500NL/min

-Working temperature:-10~40℃

-PLC system with the production data record, computer connect

-installed with 4pcs load cell with high weighing accuracy

-color touch screen penal, easy operating

-three action cylinder control provides three-grade feeding speed with fast-medium-slow

-4pcs pothook with lock design, bag clamp more safely

-photoelectric sensor switch for automatic bag clamp/release

-installed air storage tank, working more stable

-lifting device with four big force air cylinders, with the function of programming upside-down cycles of the jumbo bags during the filling, help materials to be inserted in the bag and not to create a tip shape at the top of the jumbo bag

-Support platform and ladder, easy to maintain and safe

For more details pls see our product parameter

1 Ton weighing bag machine

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