Chips Packing Machine

Vertical form fill and seal packing machine combined with the multi-heads weighing machine, Z-type conveyor, platform, it’s suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as puffy food, crispy rice, Potato Chips, Snacks, candy, pistachio, apple slices, chocolate, pet food, etc.

Chips Packing Machine |Vertical Form Filling Sealing Machine

A chips packing machine, also known as a potato chip packaging machine or snack packaging machine, is a specialized device used in the food industry to automate the process of packaging various types of chips or snacks. These machines are designed to efficiently and accurately pack chips into bags or other suitable containers for distribution and sale.

The packaging process typically involves the following steps:

Feeding: The chips are loaded into a hopper or conveyor system, which transports them to the packaging machine.
Weighing: The machine is equipped with weighing scales or sensors to measure the precise amount of chips to be packed. This ensures consistency in the number of chips in each package.
Bag forming: The packaging machine forms empty bags from a roll of packaging material, such as plastic film or laminates. The bags can be pre-printed with branding or product information.
Filling: The chips are dispensed into the formed bags using mechanical or pneumatic mechanisms. The machine controls the flow of chips to ensure accurate filling.
Sealing: The packaging machine seals the bags to prevent the chips from being exposed to air, moisture, and external contaminants. The sealing method may involve heat sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or other techniques depending on the packaging material.
Cutting and separation: Once sealed, the bags are cut and separated from the continuous roll of packaging material. This process may involve a rotary cutter or a guillotine cutter, depending on the machine’s design.
Coding and labeling: Some packaging machines can print batch codes, expiration dates, or other product information on the bags. Labels or stickers may also be applied to the bags for additional branding.
Conveying and collection: The finished bags are transported away from the machine using a conveyor system or other means. They can be collected in bins, cartons, or boxes for further packaging or distribution.

Worldepack is specialized in form fill seal machines for 18 years now,  like chips packing machines, nuts packaging machines, snack Doypacks machines, seeds multi-head weighing machines, peanuts packaging machines, popcorn stand-up pouch packaging machines, pasta sealing machines, cereal packaging machines, bean vertical sachet machine, grain pouch packaging machine. Here we will introduce 2 Solutions for chip-packing machines.Solution 1  WE-420 packing machine + WE-A14 combination weigher   50-60 bags/min

 Item WE-420 packing machine + WE-A14 combination weigher
Capacity 50-60 bags/min, it is according to the quality of wrapping and supplies
Accuracy ≤±1.5%
Bag size (L)60-300mm (W)60-200mm
Film width 420mm
Bag type Pack with film, upper seal, lower seal, and back seal by automatic bag-making machine.
Filling range 150-1300ml
Film thickness 0.04-0.09mm
Package material Thermal composite material., like BOPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE, etc
Air consumption 0.8Mpa 0.5m3/min
Total powder 5.495KW
Voltage Four wire three phases 380V 50HZ
Air compressor Not less than 1 CBM
Total height 3.8 m

WE-420 Large vertical automatic packaging machine
Ⅰ. Application:
Candy, melon seeds, potato chips, pistachio nuts, peanuts, jelly, frozen dumplings, biscuits, chocolate, nuts, pet food, puffed food, small hardware, plastic parts, such as various granular, flaky, strips, irregular shapes of material quantitative weighing.
1. Famous brand PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate;
2. Film drawing down system and horizontal sealing controlled by servo motor;
3. Minimize the loss with a complete automatic warn protection function;
4. It can complete measuring, feeding, filling, sealing, date printing, charging (exhausting), counting, and finished product delivery when it equips with feeding and measuring equipment.
5. Low-cost high gain, high speed, and efficiency.
Ⅲ.Technical parameter

 Items WE-420 Large vertical automatic packaging machine
Capacity 60bag/min
Bag size (L)60-300mm (W)90-200mm
Bag type Pillow  bag, stand-up pouch, pouch with hole
Max packaging film width 420mm
Thickness of film 0.04-0.09mm
Air consumption 0.8Mpa 0.5cmb/min
Main power/voltage 2.2KW/220V 50Hz
Dimension L1458*W920*H1392mm
Weight 480kg

Ⅰ. Application:
It is suitable for weighing granules, slices, rolls, or irregular shape materials such as candy, seeds, jelly, fries, coffee granules, peanuts, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, nuts, yogurt pet food, frozen foods, etc. It is also suitable for weighing small hardware and plastic component.
Ⅱ. Features:
*Program recovery function can reduce operation failure;
*All the hoppers can be opened to make cleaning easy and quick;
*The weigh hopper can be preset to open in order (staggered) to avoid blockages with puffy or problem products.
*IP64 waterproof and dust-proof design, which is easy to clean and maintain;
* Multi-language control panel, Spanish, Korean, German, French, Arabic, etc.
*The function of measurement by counting pieces or components to satisfy your various requirements.
Ⅲ. Specifications:

Model WE-A14
Max. Cap.(g) 10-1500g
Weighing Accuracy(g) ±0.5-2g
Max.  Weighing Speed 125PPM
Hopper Volume 2500ml
Control Panel 7 “LCD Touch Screen
Options Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Rotary Top Cone
Driving System Step Motor
Power Requirements 220V / 1000W / 50/60HZ / 10A
Packing Dimension(mm) 1700(L)*1110(W)*1265(H)
Gross WGT 490KG






Solution 2  WE-420 high speed + WE-A20 combination weigher   100-120 bags/min

Capacity 120 bags/min, it is according to the quality of wrapping and supplies
Accuracy ≤±1.5%
Bag size (L)50-300mm (W)90-200mm
Film width 420mm
Bag type Pack with film, upper seal, lower seal, and back seal by automatic bag-making machine.
Film thickness 0.04-0.09mm
Package material thermal composite material., like BOPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE etc
Air consumption 0.8Mpa 0.3m3/min
Voltage Four wire three phases 380V 50HZ  7KW
Total Dimension L*W 4600*H4400mm

WE-420 High-speed Large vertical automatic packaging machine
* Double servo motors for film drawing down the system. Automatic film rectifying deviation function. Horizontal sealing controlled by servo motor.
* It completes bagging, sealing, date printing, punching, and counting automatically.
* Famous brand PLC. Pneumatic system for vertical seal and horizontal seal.
* Easy to operate, low maintenance, and compatible with a different internal or external measuring device.
Ⅱ.Technical parameter

Capacity 100 bags/min
Bag size (L)50-300mm (W)90-200mm
Bag type Pillow-bag, standing bag, punching
Max film width Max 420mm
Film thickness 0.04-0.09mm
Air consumption 0.8Mps  0.3m3/min
Main power/voltage 2.2KW/ 220V 50Hz
Dimension L1490*W1020*H1324mm
Weight 700kg


* Suitable range: dosing and weighing of grain, chips, bars,s or irregularly shaped materials such as candy, sunflower seed, potato chip, happy fruit, peanut, jelly, freezing rice dumplings, biscuits, chocolate, nut, pet food, puffed food, small metal parts, and plastic parts, etc.
* Select the optimum combination immediately from plenty of weighing combinations by powerful software.
* Adopt high-precision digital weighing load cell and A/D module to get more precise weighing than before.
* LCD operating display with multiple languages such as English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.
* IP65 whole waterproof and dust-proof design. It’s easy to clean and maintain.
* The powerful ability of Automatic Feeder Control to make the machine self-adjusting during running.
* Provided with a strong operation menu to make you study and operate more easily. Powerful automatic data statistical function.
* Optional devices: triglyph balance ball, suction hopper, printing device, tolerance sorting device.

Ⅲ. Specifications: 

Model WE-A20
Weigh range 10-5000g
Accuracy 0.5-2.0g
Max speed 130 bags/min
Hopper volume 2.5L
Hopper number 20
Control panel 10“ touch-screen
Driving method step motor
Material SUS304
Voltage AC 110/220, 50/60 Hz
Power 2Kw
Weight 650 Kg


Video : 

Z type conveyor 

It’s suitable to use in delivery the of grains, food, foodstuff, etc.
Conveyor with the character of large quantity. NO crash material. High Lifting etc.
Lifting height: 3.3-10m (according to customer’s requirements)
Voltage: 220V/400W
It can be made of both stainless steel and plastic paint. The contact parts of food-grade plastic.




Supporting Platform





Finished Product conveyor

Feature: The machine can send the packaging finished bag to after packaging detecting device.
Specification: Speed 30m/minute.
Dimension : 2110*340*500mm . Voltage: 220V/400W.



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1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

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