WE-60KF granule & power mix packing

WE-60KF granule & power mix packing



powder and granule pack separately

packing speed


measuring range

1-80mlaccording packing material change measuring cups

bag size


max film


sealing type

back sides sealing



net weight



220V380V/ 50Hz60Hz

Packing film

Paper / PE, PP / Aluminum foil (all Heating material )

Overall size



WE-60KF granule & power mix packing

1. The packaging machine can  complete the process for  bagging,  filling, measuring, sealing, cutting , counting, printing and output products automaticlly

2. Imported PLC control system, Chinese and English color touch screen , only need setting the parameters on screen (filling, bag length, etc.)  thus achieving the best packaging effect

3. Step motor control, the system has a high degree of accuracy, and can change the bag length by adjusting the parameters, and obtain the complete trademark pattern by high precision photoelectric control

4.stepless frequency control to adjust the speed, low noise

5. The whole machine frame is made of stainless steel, the surface is  finish machining, smoothy, easy to clean disinfection managerment

6. Parts with the material contact with high-quality stainless steel processing, in line with GMP requirements. Modular design of relevant parts, easy to disassemble, assembly and versatility

7. Optional: Thermal printers, Ribbon printer, Feeding machine, Finished conveyor

Engineer Team



Installation Service

1.we provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2.we provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3.we can send technician to buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide trainning course.

After Sales Service

1.One year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2.Free spare parts would be supplied if machine broken within warranty period.

3.After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on certain charge.


Routine Maintenance
1. To register the oil to the hole of gear and the Motion segment.
2. Reducer must be rotated with oil. It should be replaced the oil after operated 40 hours. And then the oil once should be changed once every three mouth.
Recommendation oil:
Temperature environment To choose the oil
-5°C-50°C Gear oil HL-20 or HL-50 machine oil
-40°C Gear oil HL-30 or HL-50 machine oil
3. The machine should be cleared timing after has been used, and to clear the counting plate and material of the machine table. It can avoid damp and thus affect the next job.
4. To check each component and make the screw tightly ensures the work reliable.
5. To clear the head of electricity regularly.
6. The component of machine should be paid more attention on moisture proof and dustproof.
Common fault detection
Turn on the machine, if the screen is not displayed properly, please check the 12V DC power control board is working correctly, and the plug was loose or not, if there is no DC voltage, please check number 12 wire, check the number 13 got 8V AC voltage or not, and number 15 and 14 wire got 15V AC voltage or not, if you can not detect the voltage, please check F1 fuse and B1 transformer, you should change the voltage control board when you found that it got the normal voltage.
1. Paper/Film circuit
A.If the Paper/Film supply stepper motor not working, check the screen, it shows the Paper/Film supply signal, if no any signal shows, please check the fuse and power operation panel.
B.Turn on the power, if the stepper motor no stop, please check the power operation panel, is it got a short circuit?
2.Bag pulling stepper motor not working
A.Check the screen, it shows bag pulling signal, if no any signal shows, please check the wire 4N26, 66 and 77, is it got the AC voltage 25V?
B.Using the multimeter to checking the wires in the machine electricity box, 88 is positive, 89 is negative, if it works, please change the driving power for the motor.
C.If the screen shows no counting for the production, please make sure the switch of the touch signal got the DV voltage or not?
3.Temperature control
If the temperature control meter shows the temperature is not stable, please check the thermocouple, is it bad connection of power cord? Or broken? Change it.
4.Paper/Film broken
If the edge of the bag, or the paper/film is broken when the stepper motor pulling the paper/film, please adjust the speed, make sure the pulling speed is stable, and clean the impurity on the pulling bag wheel.
5.Bag sealing
If the bag sealing is not completely sealed, please adjust the temperature or the pressure of the two sealing bar, the suitable temperature and pressure for the bag sealing is depends on different paper/film.
6. After pulling bag, it stops by the fault of ERROR=02
The adjustment of color control patch is not right, it does not detected the color control patch, please adjust the photoelectric eye.
7. It stops by the ERROR=05
The paper is using finished, please Supply the new packaging film.
8. The temperature control instruction jumps
The thermocouple wire is unconnected or the contact is fault, please change or tighten the thermocouple.
9. The temperature does not rise u
The thermocouple wire or the fuse has been burnt out, please change the thermocouple wire or fuse.
10. The bags do not completely cut off
The cutting knife is not flat, the spring pressure of cutting knife is not enough, or the cutting knife is worn, please adjust the pressure of the cutting knife or change it.
11.Why the machine sealing the bags before the bag pulling is not finished?
This is due to the speed is not match for the bag pulling, please adjust the speed for the bag pulling.
12. The machine does not start.
The fuse has been burnt out and the power switch does not connected or the emergency stop switch is not reset, please change the fuse, check the power switch and the emergency stop switch should be reset.
13.The liquid material stuck inside the pump pipe
Too small bag with filling the big material; the filling timing is not correct; the output door of material is on the lower/upper side , please adjust the weight or filing timing, or adjust the height of output.
14. The filling quantity or the setting value of powder machine is changing.
The speed and the counting should be matched; the machine will turn to counting automatically, reset the setting value of filling.