Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine| Tea Bag Packing Machine

The tea bag machine is a kind of automatic and intelligent double chamber machine.

Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine| Tea Bag Packing Machine

The double chamber tea bag packing machine is a fully automatic machine designed to dose tea, form bags with thread and tag, and fill, seal, and wrap them with an outer bag. This machine streamlines the process of packaging tea, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

It makes double-chamber filter bags that are cold-sealed. The machine links up the hard tag, thread, and filter bag with a staple. The outer envelope is cold-sealed or heat-sealed, and it is controlled by PLC. The end products are counted, grouped, and packed into boxes automatically.

1) It has necessary protection measures, such as short circuit protection, overloading protection, creepage protection, etc.
2) The complete machine is controlled and coordinated by PLC.
3) It is simple to set and control the temperature of all heating parts.
4) It is simple to set the counting number of the output chutes and control the packing of boxes.
5) It will give an alarm if the thread is cutting or the packing materials are finished.
6) It has the counting function of batch quantity. And it is easy to return the number to “zero”.
7) The square marks of envelope paper are identified to keep the traction and cutting of fixed length.
8) The square marks of tag paper are identified to keep the traction and cutting of fixed length.
9) It has the function of jogging on the machine.
10) It has two emergency buttons to stop the machine if an emergency happens

The machine operates in the following steps:
Dosing: The machine is equipped with a system that accurately measures and dispenses the desired amount of tea into each tea bag. This ensures consistency in the quality and taste of the final product.
Bag Formation: The machine forms the tea bags using a special type of filter paper. It creates double chamber bags, providing space for the tea leaves to expand and infuse properly when brewed.
Thread and Tag Attachment: After the bags are formed, the machine attaches a thread and a tag to each bag. The thread allows users to easily remove the tea bag from their cup, while the tag can be used to identify the tea flavor or brand.
Filling: Once the bags are prepared, they move to the filling station. Here, the machine fills the bags with the measured tea dosage. The precise filling is crucial to maintain consistent flavor and aroma.
Sealing: After the bags are filled, the machine seals them securely to prevent any tea leaves from escaping. The sealing process ensures that the tea bags remain intact during transportation and storage.
Outer Bag Wrapping: Finally, the machine wraps the individual tea bags with an outer bag. This outer bag provides an additional layer of protection, keeping the tea bags fresh and hygienic. It also allows for easy distribution and sale of the tea.

Throughout the process, the machine operates automatically, minimizing the need for manual intervention. This automation enhances productivity and reduces the labor required for tea packaging. The double chamber tea bag packing machine offers an efficient solution for tea manufacturers, enabling them to produce large quantities of consistently packaged tea bags with ease.


Capacity 120±10bags/min
Max.Dosage 10 cm³ (adjustable)
Degree of accuracy ±5%
Bag dimensions 45mm×60mm or 40mm×60mm
Tag dimensions 28mm×32mm
Thread length 148mm±5mm
Size of staple 13mm (5mm after folding)
Volume of hopper 13dm³
Air pressure 0.6MPa
Air consumption 300L/min
Voltage 3 phases 380V / 3 phases 220V 50Hz
Dosage system Protection structure which keeps impurities away
Total power total 10Kw,Max.8KW
Overall dimension 3.500m×1.500m×2.400m (11′ 6″ × 7’10″× 4’11”)
Net Weight 4000kg
Gross weight 4250kg
Option Envelope packing machine


Envelope packing machine for double chamber tea bag machine

The Model WED120 is an automatic envelope-packing machine.WEDW120 puts teabag into envelope packing solutions. Our company responds to market demand for an envelope packing machine which is connected to the other teabag packing machine, the WEDW120 offers teabag sealed into an envelope to suit customer’s demands. The individual envelope offers a way to improve the filter bag’s moisture-proof refreshment. The printing of envelopes has been designed to meet the requirements of our customers.

Machine speed  Max.120 bags/min
Filter bag maximum volume 10 cm³
Envelope size 70mm(L) ×80 mm(W)
Power required Single phase,220V,50HZ
Overall size 1680mm(L) ×1285mm(W) ×1230mm(H)
Weight 500kg
Operator 1
Option Date printing device



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Installation Service

1. We provide videos and an instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2. We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service

1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.