WE-SJB02 Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

WE-SJB02  Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine/ Tea Packing Machine Manufacturers / Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine 

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Tea pouch packing machine application:
Be used for automatically packing products as green tea ,black tea,flower tea ,health tea,medicine tea,granule and so on .
1. This unit can perform either three sides sealing and triangle teabag .just need single bond to change the bag between three sides sealing and triangle shape.
2. packaging capacity :3000bags/h (Determined by packing material)
3.  Applicable packing materials:Nylon film with thread and label.
4.The precision volumetric metering way very easily in the transformation of filling material. Electronic scale metering can be collocated according to the material.
5. HumanComputer Interface,Omron PLC control,adopted the Panasonnic double Servo motor to make the bag .supplied complete setting functions.easy operating
6.Main motor overload protection device
7. Packaging material tension automatic adjustment device
8. The machine will automatically stop when Issued the warning.

Tea packaging

Tea bag machine

This machine is mainly composed of three systems: the precision mechanism transmission system, automation control system and pneumatic transmission system

1.The main controller of the machine is PLC touch screen control converter, part of the pulling paper and the horizontal sealing rotating part adopts servo motor, more accurate, it can be finished within 2 bag length automatic photoelectric with standard, digital automatic adjustment cursor mode, meet the precise positioning .color touch screen is human design, operation interface is clear ,parameters setting is simple .

2.Institution transfer system is mainly composed of the feeding part .forming part .drawing paper .horizontal  sealing parts .vertical sealing parts. blanking etc (see figure 1-2). The whole machine adopts mechanical transmission and combination of electric, installation and debugging simply and conveniently, running smoothly, sealing strong, good bag appearance; Accuracy can finish bag making and filling. sealing. counting .measurement etc; choosing  tray , electronic scale  and other  blanking ways according to different material

The main technical parameters

Capacity30-60 bags/Min

Packing materialNylon, Polyester net non-woven fabrics. Ultrasonic sealing materials

Bag-making methodUltrasonic three sides sealing cut way

Bag size : Triangle bag 50-80mmone side

Flat bag60-90W*40-80Lmm

Packing film100mm.120mm.140mm.160mm

Dimension800* 1000*1800mm

Power220V 2.0Kw


Tea Bag Packing Machine Detail

Tea bag machine sealing detail

Small Tea Bag Machine

Triangle tea bags

Berif drawing for Pyramid tea packing machine

Tea Packing Machine Manufacturer

Tea bag machine

Tea Bag Packing Machine

Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Packing Machine Manufacturer

Tea Packing Machine Manufacturers

Tea Packing Machine Manufacturer

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Tea Packaging Sample
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WE-SJB02  Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine/ Tea Packing Machine Manufacturers / Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine 

I . type and specification

.Main technical data

.Electrical control

3.1  Panel introduction                

3.2  The computer screen  introduction

Ⅳ .Preparation before production

4.1  Preparation before starting to work             

4.2  The installation of the packaging film

4.3  Pilot Run

Ⅴ .Machine Commissioning

5.1  Equipment Speed          5.2  Bag length adjustment

5.3 The former adjustment       5.4Photoelectric adjustment

5.5 Horizontal sealing parts adjustment        

5.6 Vertical sealing parts adjustment  

5.7 feeding section adjustment

Ⅵ . type electrical wiring diagram

Ⅶ .maintenance and service

7.1  Cleaning                   7.2  Lubrication

7.3  periodic maintenance

7.4  Work environment

. Common Failures and Elimination Methods

. After-sales service directory

Safety precautions and warnings

Notice: To prevent electric shocks hurt, ensure safety, please install grounding.

Notice: When in wiring, please note that will change because of the power load caused by change, which shall not exceed ± 10% in 200V power supply voltage must be used within the 240V , beyond the scope of the machine will affect the normal use.

Notice: This machine can make the noise and shall not use the same power supply device.

Notice: Please install in the level of vibration of the firm. Do not install the machine or leaning in place of instability.

warning: Mechanical placed appropriately wet environment, far away from the sun and high voltage power supply.

warning: Wire is not close to hot instruments.

warning: Cleaning machine, check, please move off all the power beforehand.

Notice: Please cleaning regularly and add oil, check the machine parts Have loose off phenomenon, in order to ensure the pick in the best condition.

warning: Do not use wet hand operation buttons and switches etc.

warning: In operation, the hand or articles prohibited will close, please do not touch the moving part and marked position, or will not touch hands on safety cover inside.

warning: In the work, the machine should pay attention to whether the coordination, such as voice machine vision, there should be promptly stop check.

Notice: Always use copper brush cleaning, the vertical sealing roller surface to adhere to the surface material, cause adverse to heat sealing.

Notice: Suspension of work, must click to move the sealing mould release

Notice: Regularly check the machine if the fastening parts loose of uncoupled

Notice: Reducer 3 months should be replaced with oil, subject to oil mark time line.

2.2 Adherence to the matters

Person who have not received the training of machines’ residual risk and risk avoidance education , please don’t close to the device.

About the installation and modification of the equipment ,please entrusted the agent of our company.

Change the reform ,operation order ,operation mode of machine which threats operator and equipment safety ,it is likely to cause significant personnel or machine damage accident

Should periodically check all safety devices function whether it is in normal operation

When you find safety device will not be able to act normally, should immediately stop using the equipment, and immediately inform the relevant management responsible persons ,who contact our company directly.

The main power switch is settled before ON, to confirm if there are other staff idle around the equipment.

When the machine is stopped in the case of unknown reason, must seek permission from the management responsibility to restart.

When electronic component malfunctions, such as switch, before repair is completed, absolutely can’t restart the machine

The abnormal sound or vibration occurs in the process of operation or sign of temperature and load damage safety appears, operator should directly shutdown, and report to management responsibility, and operates according to the instructions

When the operation ended, cleaning work must be carried out in accordance with the specifications.

In the process of cleaning, must check whether there is foreign body into the inside.

Broken foam or cleaning products such as washing liquid residue dropped on the ground ,it is likely to make people slip down, so you must wipe clean.

After using the content such as the tools used in the homework, collect them in a fixed location. Once the tool, the screw nut and other foreign material fall into the container, will be not only damage machinery and equipment, also could cause quality problems of products.

When replace equipment parts, please operate according to the instruction in the tip of the method.

Abluent and sterilized  materials ,and  producer goods which is processed with high temperature,  if they are harmful to human body, the operator must use heat resistant gloves, protective glasses , respirator etc MSDS (such as chemical substances and safety digital sheet) and other protective equipment which are specified in the instructions.

2.3. Prohibited items

Never remove the safety device of the machine.

Switch is on the Safety cover , dont conduct invalid debug or running of the machine through the tape ,metal tools.

In the operation, except where it is special instructed; do not repair the machine or debugging.

Don’t put other things on the machine.

Operator please don’t wear a tie, avoid be plunged into the machine.

Operator sleeves are likely to be involved into the machine, please wear undragged bracelet cuff clothes.

Work clothes buttons should not be fallen into the machine, once falling, it will cause an accident of the product safety and machine.

Hair also have danger of being involved into the machine , to prevent this kind of dangerous, please tidy your hair before operate.

Without protection facilities, do not operate around the machine.

In operation, do not touch the action part of machine .

Repair and Maintenance

7.1  Clean

Must continue to clear the remaining paper, powder and binder, make the equipment in clean condition, so as not to affect the normal work of the equipment

Can use a vacuum cleaner or downless cloth to remove powder .when there is no production of raw materials, can use low pressure of compressed air to blow, but must pay attention to the powder can not be blown into the bearing and rotating components. hot water or alcohol can be used to clear adhesive.

Use clean soft cloth to Wipe with equipment, if necessary, use soap to wipe with the paint surface, nickel plated and stainless steel parts surface can dip in with alcohol or other appropriate solvents to wipe, and wipe dry.

7.2  Lubrication

1. Checking the oil level in the tank whether it is at the center of the oil mark or not Periodically, if not ,should add more. replacing the oil on the fuel tank oil change one time every 6 months (or 1000 hours) . when  changing ,firstly ,open the equipment on the side of drainage hole plug, let the oil flow out, and finally use the brush dips in petrol or kerosene ,when the bottom of the tank is cleaned, and then pour into the clean lubricating oil

2. The knuckle bearing on the equipment ,adopt the same machine oil lubrication in the fuel tank , add lubrication once a day

3.All rolling surface  of cams on kerosene oil lubrication use the extreme pressure lithium grease lubrication, cleaning lubrication once a week

4.All spur gear ,cone gear, chain which are without lubricating oil adopts the extreme pressure lithium grease lubrication, cleaning lubrication once every two months

5. Replace lubricating oil of the reduction gearbox in reduction gears once every

6 months, when changing , using the same brand of lubricating oil to wash, clean the cabinet. after 1 ~ 2 months operations of the new machine, because  the gear motor reducer is in the run-in period, a lubricating oil must be replaced and do it later according to the normal cycle

7.3  Periodic maintenance

1. Check the lubrication condition of leakage bearing and dust cleaning once a week

2. Check the cooperation and attrition rate of gear and transmission mechanism once every half month, if badly worn, it should be replaced in a timely manner, so as not to affect the normal movement of the machine

7.4   Work environment

This equipment is a kind of precision equipment, the required working environment temperature is 5 ~ 35, relative humidity is not more than 80%, no corrosive gas.

After-sales service directory

1.Guarantee repair for this product shall be one year, with life-long follow-up service. You should read the instruction manual before using this equipment, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in use process

Note: The situation when your company in the use of the device as following, is beyond the scope of the warranty

1.1 This equipment is placed in the environment of improper use, led to mechanical damage, etc

1.2 Due to the parts contact with the surrounding weeks falling liquid leakage and dipping in a liquid or gas

1.3 Mechanical damage

1.4Mechanical damage is caused by voltage change, using improper material.

1.5 Mechanical damage is caused by connecting and transforming Without consent and acknowledgement of the company.

1.6 Mechanical damage is caused by incorrect operation and maintenance of mechanical

1.7 Mechanical damage is caused by malicious usage, errors using, wrong installation and other incorrect use;

1.8 Mechanical damage is caused by using the company unspecified units of parts or services

1.9 Due to the natural accident, the company is not liable

2.If quality problem is caused due to unreasonable machine design within guarantee period, our company will promptly arrange customer service personnel for repair. If quality problem is caused due to improper human operation or unpredictable accidents, our company will charge for proper expenses.

3.The machine is equipped with wearing parts when coming out of the factory, the seller can change automatically under the guidance of instructions or telephone service guidance. If standby products are needed, please purchase from our company.(our company will sell at preferential price)

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