The Benefits of Using Food Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum packaging machines can be used in any domestic and commercial kitchen. They can easily and quickly seal foodstuffs in airtight packages. The purchase of a vacuum packaging machine requires an initial investment. But the benefits of being able to vacuum pack food products provide a good return on this investment. There are several advantages to using a vacuum packaging machine; it is both economical and practical. Let’s look at six of these benefits in more detail.

1. Extended shelf life

Studies have shown that vacuum packaging can extend the shelf life of products by 50-400%. The key to extending product shelf life with vacuum-packed salmon is to determine the ideal atmosphere inside the package for the product being packed. This may be the introduction of an inert gas or the reduction of oxygen to the desired level. Vacuum packaging is also the preferred form of packaging for many products that are to be refrigerated for long periods of time. The right vacuum bag can significantly reduce freezer burn. It is the preferred form of packaging for meat storage worldwide.

2. Product Visibility

The appearance of a product is often an important factor in the marketing appeal of any business. Food retailers want their products to be attractive to customers. This means that customers need to be able to see what they are buying. Vacuum packs are a great way to showcase the food. They allow food to be stored in a healthy and safe refrigerated environment, while still being completely visible.

3. Sealing barrier for external components

The most common vacuum bags are 3 mils thick, with some vacuum-packed dried fruit vacuum bags being up to 6-8 mils thick. With proper sealing, vacuum packaging protects the product from dust, moisture, insects and various other external elements that can damage or impair the product. Vacuum packaging is also an excellent barrier against freezer burn during long-term frozen storage.

4. Cooking in a different way

Having a vacuum packaging machine is not just about storing and keeping food fresh. It also allows cooking in a different way. With a vacuum packer, food can be prepared for the vacuum cryogenic cooking method. When vacuum low-temperature cooking was first used in the 1970s, many people thought it was a fad that would soon disappear. But this was not the case. Vacuum cooking continues to be popular. It allows cooking temperatures to be controlled and consistent, which means that food retains its moisture and tenderness. Spices and herbs can also be added to vacuum-packed foods before cooking to improve their flavour.

5. No chemicals involved

Using vacuum packaging machines means that individuals and businesses can safely store fresh food without the use of any chemicals. This is ideal for people who want to reduce the amount of chemicals in their diet. It is surprising how many preservatives are contained in food. Vacuum packaging makes life without these preservatives easier, or at least reduces their consumption.

6. Improved storage

As mentioned earlier, vacuum packaging allows food to be stored for longer. It can also make storage easier. Large foods can be chopped up and stored in individual vacuum packs to optimise the available storage space. Freezer burn on items can also be reduced by using vacuum packaging as protection.

Over time, a vacuum packaging machine can be a good investment, especially in a home kitchen or commercial kitchen where it is used frequently. Initially, it is necessary to invest in a machine. However, money can be saved by reducing waste and buying in bulk. Vacuum packaging also helps to extend the shelf life of food without the need for potentially dangerous preservatives. In addition to the health and economic benefits a vacuum packaging machine can bring, it also enables food to be cooked under vacuum at low temperatures, improving the taste and quality of many meals. This is an important consideration for both domestic and commercial kitchens, making the vacuum packer a valuable addition.

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