Packaging machinery is one of the important equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, and chemical industry, where blister packing machine is widely used for packaging capsules, pills, tablets, suppositories, etc. We can get effective and safe tablet packaging from them. With the help of blister packing machines, tablet presses or capsules are filled with capsules. Blister packing machines are designed to pack different products (tablets, strong or delicate gelatine capsules, etc.) into blisters.

In this guide, you will learn everything about blister packaging machines in terms of uses, benefits and more.

So, first let’s find out what blister packaging is.

What is blister packaging?

Blister packaging is used to make blisters out of clear plastic film or sheet material. Other methods such as heat pressing, gluing and other methods are used to seal the product in the cavity between the blister and the backing.

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What is a tablet blister packing machine?

The tablet blister packing machine is an automatic machine for packing tiny and regularly shaped solid tablets and capsules in blister packs, such as tablets, capsules and sugar-coated pills. Blister forming, feeding and sealing are continuous rotary motion processes, while indexing and punching are intermittent reciprocating motion movements. The production capacity of the machine depends on the quality of the product and therefore on the type of feeding system.

Uses of blister packs

You will immediately have blister packs to package your medicines. It has been used in several aspects of pharmacy, including

You can package tablets, cartridges, suppositories from tablet presses and fillers or suppositories.

You can seal your tablets, ampoules, syringes, capsules to resist damage or alteration.

You can print information to let patients know their dose to ensure they follow their treatment plan.

You can store your products more conveniently than other forms of traditional packaging.

You can package your products to protect them from light, moisture, oxygen or contamination of any kind.

In addition, you will also create blister packs to package other products including cosmetics, gifts, stationery, food, electromechanical parts, tools and more.

The benefits of blister packaging

The main benefits you will experience with blister packaging include –

  • A) Freshness

You will have individual compartments for each item used, so that they are always ready when your customers need them. As a result, medicines, herbs and other environmentally sensitive items may benefit from blister packaging.

  • B) Good protection

Typically, blister packs are well sealed against moisture, rust and water, thus extending the protection period.

In addition, blister packaging creates specific conditions for volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging, where VCI prevention is better.

  • C) Dosage/serving size

Packaging for pharmaceuticals and certain food products will distribute an item evenly so that consumers do not use too much product at once. Some flavouring blends benefit from blister packs because the company has determined the amount needed for certain recipes. Therefore, when this type of packaging is used, the dosage of the medication is easier to understand and safer for the consumer.

  • D) Visibility

Containers with a plastic front allow the consumer to view the product prior to purchase. This also ensures that the amount of product contained is as advertised and that all parts are accounted for. Although consumers can see them, they cannot touch them. The products are therefore protected against tampering and theft.

  • E) Security

Blister packs are the perfect solution for products that need to be held still, as the individual and often small compartments do not allow the product to move around inside the pack. In other words, the design is designed to protect the item from damage caused in transit.

  • F) Customisation

It is well known that all plastic blisters are thermoformed. Therefore, each design is limited to the product being sold, i.e. it can be adapted to suit the product regardless of the size or quantity of the items restricted in the blister pack.

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