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TV Accessories Packing Machine Shipped to Indonesian

The customer is an Indonesian manufacturer of household appliances, such as televisions, rice cookers, etc.

Customer Requirement
Product: TV accessories, screw, plug, plastic spare parts, remote control, see the below picture
Quantity: Mix bag like below picture
Speed: about 6~7 bags/min
Accuracy: 1/1000 according to qty
Add end weigher checker, so detect the wrong quantity bags.
Add a Case collecting line so finished bags directly follow into the case, counting 50 bags or other quantities per case, then another new empty case comes on.

TV Accessories Packing Machine

Our solution:
There are many different kinds of mix bags, and most of them are similar spare parts.
So we suggest one set machine for the main larger capacity mix bags and another set machine with more hoppers to pack the other different mix bags. As spare parts are big in size like the remote control, so need a larger form-fill seal machine to avoid the big parts stuck at the bag’s former tube which is used to form the bag.

If you are interested, pls see the operation video for the machine.

Machine Structure

  • Electrical parts

1. Fan: Used to cool the electric box.
2. Ground terminal: It is used to connect the ground terminal of the power supply or working area to prevent the machine from leaking electricity. This machine must be connected to the ground before use!!!
3. Capacitance: used to drive the film supply motor, cutter motor, or stirring motor.
4. Air switch: When the mechanical short circuit or overloads, the air switch will open. Protect the human body and machinery.
5. Bag-pulling driver: used to drive bag-pulling stepper motor.
6. Transformer: used to provide 36V and 16V AC voltage to the bag driver.
7. Solid state relay motor: used to control film supply motor, AC contactor, vibrator, stirring motor, heating tube, etc.
8. Insurance seat: used to protect line safety. It will be automatically disconnected when the line is overloaded.
9. Intermediate relay: used to convert PLC signals into signals such as printing, conveying, and blanking.
10. Power switch: used to close or disconnect the external power supply of the machine.
11. Button: used to send jog, start, stop, and other commands to the PLC.
12. Wiring: used to connect external circuits with internal circuits.
13. Bag-pulling wheel clutch: used to pull the bag wheel apart and used to wear film.                                                                                                                      14. Temperature control table: used to adjust the sealing temperature.
15. PLC: It is the core control system of the whole machine. Used to receive various external signals, internal processing, and control various mechanical actions.
16. Touch screen: used to operate the machine and data input.
17. Transporting and unloading part: used to transport materials to the packaging bag.
18. Former: It is used to form roll film into a packaging bag.
19. Longitudinal sealing mold: a component used to bond the longitudinal sides of the packaging bag together.
20. Bag pulling wheel: pull down the packaging film according to the set bag length.
21. Horizontal sealing mold: a part used to bond the lateral surface of the packaging bag to a bag.
22. Cutter: The part used to cut the bag of the knife.

  • Vibration

1. Vibrating plate: material storage, material selection, orderly arrangement of materials, and feeding to direct vibration.
2. Direct vibration: make the materials arranged in order and provide conditions for cylinder counting.
3. Vibration controller: adjust the working voltage and frequency of vibration to make blanking more smooth.
4. Optical fiber: monitor and count materials.
5. Optical fiber amplifier: amplify the optical fiber signal and transmit it to PLC.
6. Aggregate box: enter the aggregate box after counting the materials. When the quantity of materials meets the requirements, enter the packaging action. When the quantity of materials does not meet the requirements, the materials will be discharged to the receiving box, and then the next time.

  • Bag-making and sealing part:

1. Bag maker: used to make the packaging film into the shape of the packaging bag.
2. Longitudinal sealing part: the longitudinal sealing part of the packaging film is bonded together by heating.
3. Bag-pulling part: the bag-pulling motor can drive the bag-pulling wheel through the bag-pulling driver to make the belt move from top to bottom to realize film pulling.
4. Material retaining device: under the pneumatic push of material retaining, close the material retaining device so that heavy materials will not break through the packaging bag or break the transverse sealing die when they are lowered into the packaging bag.
5. Transverse sealing part: make the transverse bonding of the packaging film together by heating. There is a cutter in the transverse sealing die, which is used to cut the packaging bag.

  • Film Part:

1. Proximity switch N2: when the bag puller pulls the packaging film, the packaging film will pull up the frame film shaft to make it leave the proximity switch N2 so that N2 will generate a film supply signal and transmit it to PLC and solid-state relay. PLC monitors the signal. When the film supply is abnormal, the machine will stop by itself; After receiving the N2 signal, the solid-state relay and the capacitor (1.2uf) jointly control the operation of the film supply motor. Achieve the purpose of film delivery.

2. Packaging film: used to make packaging bags.
3. Film supply motor: drive the film feeding shaft to work. Power: 180W
4.N2 generates membrane supply signal and transmits it to PLC and solid-state relay. PLC monitors the signal. When the membrane supply is abnormal, the machine will stop by itself; After receiving the N2 signal, the solid-state relay and the capacitor (1.2uf) jointly control the operation of the film supply motor. Achieve the purpose of film delivery.

As shown in the right figure. It should be noted that when the packaging film passes through the mold position, press the inching sealing to seal the packaging film, and then continue to go down, pull the packaging film close to the bag pulling wheel, press the inching bag pulling to make the packaging film pass through the bag pulling wheel smoothly, and the film threading is over. After the film is put on, please make several empty bags first, and then turn on the blanking switch to start packaging when you are satisfied.


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