Tubular Packing Machine with CCD Camera Counting

The machine fully automatically counts the small spare parts like screw nut bolt hardware or fastener accessories and packs them into a tubular bag. Speed is from 5~15 bags to 5~10000 pcs per bag or box, accuracy is about 1/1000. Faster than a hopper counting machine and high accuracy than a normal weighing machine.

Tubular Packing Machine with CCD Camera Counting

Machine Features

1. Accurate: overlap can also be accurately counted, statistical error is less than 1‰, only positive error. Relative to the maximum error of 10 – 20 grains of weighing and packaging equipment on the market, the product can save more than 1% of material cost waste. Note: At present, in the weighing counter on the market, the error of the injection parts of the connector is about 1%-2%. This is caused by two reasons) The accuracy of weighing equipment itself is about 5‰;2) For example, if the weight difference of a single product is 1%, the cumulative weight deviation of 1000 grains per bag is 10 grains.
2. Fast: 12,000 grains/minute (φ1.2mm).For 10 mm square connector material, speed 6-7 packs per minute, 1000pcs. This product is completely executed by machines from loading to counting and packaging, which can effectively save manpower and improve production efficiency; a worker can manage the operation of 2-3 sets of equipment.
3. Strong compatibility: N materials can be counted in one machine.Product Size Range: 6mm-100mm.
4. One-click emptying of remaining materials and quick replacement.
5. Interconnected with the ERP system. This product can provide matching docking with ERP. After scanning the work order, it can read the product information in enterprise ERP and drive the heat transfer printer to print the label on the product packaging bag. It can print the company information, product information, and bar code information, so as to realize the traceable management of enterprise product quality. (This function is optional and customized. If you need to choose, please contact the manufacturer.) Product packaging information can be traced
6. Exceeding standard packages can automatically enter the return system. For the inaccurate packages occasionally appearing in the counting process, a recycling pipe is designed to prevent them from entering the packaging machine, so as to ensure the accuracy of the packaged products.
7. Intelligent detection and alarm function.


 Item 2-b  Tubular bag machine
Capacity 4-15bags/min
Bag size L=80~500mm, W=80~350mm
Bag type Tube Film
Thickness of film 30~120μm
Air consumption 6bar,0.3m3/min
Main power/voltage 0.7KW/220V 50Hz
Dimension L1045*W1075*H1130mm
Weight 165kg
Machine frame SUS304
Touch Screen 7-inch Color displayed
PLC Brand Mitsubishi
* Using eco-friendly polyethylene (PE) film, low cost
* Plastic film type: tube film, special good to PE tube film
* No back sealing and No Former shoulder need, easy to operate and maintain.
* Smaller machine for the big bag (max bag width 350x500mm), save space
* Can integrate with printers, labelers, weigher, feeding devices, and conveyors for maximizing automation.
* Finished bags: Pillow bag without Back sealing
 Item 3  Feeder
Lifting Height Can be customized
Lifting speed 0-17m/min
Conveying capacity 5.5m³/H
Air consumption 0.5Mpa
Main power/voltage 0.5KW/220V 50Hz
Dimension L850*W744*H3983 mm
Material  CS or SS 304 can be chosen, the part contacting with food is food-grade plastic.
 Item 4  Conveyor
Lifting Height Can be customized
Delivery speed 30 meters/min
Conveying capacity 5.5m³/H
Air consumption 0.5Mpa
Main power/voltage 0.05KW/220V 50Hz
Dimension L2110*W340*H500 mm



Machine Principle

High-speed image acquisition and software recognition counting by CCD camera.
1. Scanning speed of 10000 times/s, realize continuous and uninterrupted scanning to obtain complete information of materials.
2. One camera can capture multiple rows of falling materials
vision counting machine with a high-speed industrial line-scan camera, when the material falls through the camera recognition area, the line-scan camera accurately captures the material falling posture, shape, and other information through high-speed scanning, and uploads it to the processing center, which is powerful The algorithm analyzes and processes in real-time, accurately calculates the number of materials, and realizes the real-time counting function.

When an object falls, from entering the camera recognition area, the camera scans the object at high speed until the object leaves the camera recognition area, so as to obtain the complete information of the object without interruption, and accurately count it through intelligent vision algorithm software.

camera scan line

3 overlaps can also be count

3 overlap can also be countMACHINE WORKFLOWMACHINE WORKFLOW1


Operational procedures:

1. Pour the product into the feeding device of the hoist and click the learning button on the machine computer to learn the product; (Only the first time you pack the product, you need to learn.)
2. Check and calibrate the learning parameters and keep them well.
3. Pour all the products into the feeding device of the hoist, set the packing parameters, and click the start counting button on the computer for normal production.
4. Click the stop counting button to finish the packaging.
5. If you need to change another product at this time, click on all the cleaning buttons on the computer, and do a one-click wiring action. After confirming that there is no residual product, Click to finish cleaning. At this time, you can pour into the new product for counting and packaging.


VB/VC series: Single channel, suitable for many types of materials, but few materials in a single batch. Facilitate frequent switching of materials.PRODUCT SERIES

VF series: 3-channel composite type, suitable for a single batch of materials, high packaging efficiency.

VM series: continuous counting and packaging, non-stop, single package quantity 5-50PCS, many packages per minute, high packaging efficiency

VM series: multi-channel combination counting, single package number 10-100PCS, more packages per minute, high packaging efficiency

Counting+Tubular Film Packaging

Counting+Vertical Packaging

Counting+Bag Packaging



Installation Service

1. We provide videos and an instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2. We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service

1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.