Small parts visual counting packaging machine uses high speed CCD image technology to count small parts in batch packaging. The weight of each item is not exactly the same, so counting by weight is not accurate, only the visual counting machine can count accurately saving cost and labor.

Small parts visual counting machine working principle

High-speed CCD camera scans the objects falling from the vibrating chute, obtains a complete projection image through an optimized algorithm, and the machine counts the number of objects falling, thus enabling batch counting and packaging.

Advantages of small parts vision counters

Efficient: vision-based counters use large tracks to scan falling objects instead of using several narrow tracks to separate objects one by one

Highly accurate: 99.99% accuracy of each part does not weigh exactly the same

Insensitive to dust

Fast switching: one-click operation clears switching objects

Self-learning software: easy to calibrate multi-object counts

Very low maintenance costs

Reduced labor costs

Compact design to save space

Vision counting packaging machine application areas

Electronic components: cell phone or hard drive screws, capacitors, resistors, relay silver contacts, electrical connectors

Injection molded parts: pipe fittings, plastic parts, garment buttons, plastic parts

Hardware: nuts, bolts, screws, washers, rivets, pins, studs, inserts, plug bolts, fasteners, self-punching rivets