Are you trying to look for a tea packing machine to pack your tea to improve your brand and get the market?

There are many different tea packing machines now like small tea filter bags with tag and thread, Pyramid Tea packing machines, loop tea packing machines, Lipton double chamber tea bag packing machines, Vacuum tea packing machines, and Stand-up pouch packing machines… Please see the below details and choose the one you like.

 Small Tea Packing Machine with Tag and Thread

The material of this package is a tea filter that can soak in boiling water and meet the food safety standard. small tea bag with thread and tag so we can put it in the cup full of water and take it out after we brew it several times, convenient and beautiful. You can add the film outside the package to keep the inner tea bag clean and moistureproof.

This machine is fully automatic dosing, making an inner bag, sealing and sticking the thread and tag, the small mechanical will put the inner filer bag with thread and tag into the film outside bag and sealing cut, one small tea bag is finished. If your tea is similar to tea powder then the machine adopts the auger-doing device, if your tea is like loose tea then the machine will adopt cup dosing or small scale to measure it so avoid damage to your tea.

Pyramid Tea Packing Machine

The pyramid tea bag is popular nowadays as it’s a beautiful package that makes your tea high quality.

This is similar to the tea filter bag but the material is zein fiber nylon which meets food safety standards and is a special pyramid tea bag. Convenient with thread and tag, dampproof, and clean with outside film package. As nylon is unable to do hot sealing like a tea filter or film so machines adopt the ultrasonic wave cold sealing method to keep the air tightened.

This machine fully automatically doses the tea, thread, and tag that is already stuck on the roll nylon, machine directly makes a pyramid-type bag with tag and thread. If you need you can add another packing machine to pack the nylon pyramid bag into the film bag.

Loop Tea Packing Machine

This is a new tea bag style. It’s a filter tea bag with 2 wings so the tea bag can hang over the cup.

This is a special design on the tea bag paper roll with 2 similar wings so when the machine makes the bag it’s on the bag. The customer just needs to open it and hang it over the cup. Normally it’s for 3 side sealing.

Lipton double chamber tea bag packing machine

This is a very famous double-chamber tea bag. The machine links up the hard tag, thread, and filter bag with a staple. The outer envelope is cold-sealed or heat-sealed, a PLC control. The machine counts, groups, and packs the end products into boxes automatically.
2. Feature:
1) It has necessary protection measures, such as short circuit protection, overloading protection, creepage protection, etc.
2) PLC controls and coordinates the complete machine.
3) It is simple to set and control the temperature of all heating parts.
4)Simple to set the counting number of the output chutes and control the packing of boxes.
5) Alarm if the thread is cutting or finishing the packing materials.
6) It has the counting function of batch quantity. Easy to return the number to “zero”.
7) The square marks of envelope paper and tag paper are identified to keep the traction and cutting of fixed length.
8) It has the function of jogging on the machine.
9)It has two emergency buttons to stop the machine if an emergency happens

Stand-up Pouch Packing Machine

This is a tea packing machine for about 20~500g. There is a semiautomatic and fully automatic packing machine. The difference is if you need a machine feeder the bag or your staff put the bag below the tea scale to receive the tea. Normally machines adopt the scale to measure the tea according to your requirements. If semiautomatic then your staff needs to put the bag below the scale to receive the falling tea and seal the bag with a semiautomatic seal machine aside. If fully automatic machine, then the machine will make the bag or feeder the bag for receiving the tea and seal cut.

Vacuum Tea Packing Machine

This is popular in China, vacuum tea bag seems high quality.

Round Tea Pod Packaging Machine

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